Revisit the gore of “Project Wolf Hunting” in all it’s high-definition glory at home.

If you didn’t catch Kim Hong-Sun’s latest work on the festival circuit or when it played theatres, I don’t think there is a single thing I can say that would possibly prepare you for the absolute madness that is Project Wolf Hunting. Have you seen Gareth Edward’s The Raid: Redemption (2011) and wish you could see more stories without any underlying classism, ones that focused more on the brutality? Well, Kim Hong-Sun certainly thought people wanted that. Out of the full 122 minutes, there are approximately 90 minutes of sheer and utter chaos. Sure, The Raid may boast some more creative kills, but watching someone beat the ever-loving hell out of someone else with a severed arm and it not just being silly but is actually causing impact resulting in ending someone’s life is the exact sort of brutality you can expect from Project Wolf Hunting.

 While, this is a home review, the film itself is not going to be talked about in any form of real depth. For that, check out EoM senior interviewer Thomas Manning’s Fantastic Fest 2022 initial release review.


A scene in PROJECT WOLF HUNTING, directed by Kim Hong-sun. Photo courtesy of Well Go USA.

Project Wolf Hunting is coming home from the people at Well Go USA who have put out such popular foreign films such as Alienoid (2022), The Witch 2: The Other One (2022), Shadow Master (2022), Emergency Declaration (2022), and countless others. While these films often do not have a plethora of special features, they do still have a few select features that will satisfy the hunger of the physical media collectors. Project Wolf Hunting includes two featurettes: “Behind the Scenes” and “Making the Alpha.” While both features are worth their merit and offer some creative insights, the third feature, the English dubbing (dub), is something truly baffling.


A scene in PROJECT WOLF HUNTING, directed by Kim Hong-sun. Photo courtesy of Well GO USA.

Well Go USA is promoting an English dub for Project Wolf Hunting, and aside from that being blasphemous in of itself, the dub itself is also wild. As legendary director Bong Joon-ho said at the Golden Globes after his Parasite win, “Once you overcome the one inch tall barrier of subtitles, you will be introduced to so many more amazing films.” He is certainly not wrong there, however Project Wolf Hunting does have the native Korean language and the English dub in both DTS. I decided to watch the movie with the English dub and English subtitles both on. One would certainly assume that an English dub would most likely just be the subtitles already provided for the film or at least incredibly close to them. Here, there is such a discrepancy in the language in certain scenes in the film that it’s honestly quite hilarious. This English dub is so different at certain points that it is just down right funny, and it doesn’t affect the overall enjoyment of the film because of how gratuitously violent it is, but the power of the story is certainly changed.

In regards to the overall presentation of Project Wolf Hunting, I had the distinct pleasure of watching the Blu-ray disk and it looked incredible on my 4K TV and 4K player. To make sure it wasn’t even being up-converted, I tested on my HD TV and Blu-ray player, as well, and it looked just as crisp and sharp. This Blu-ray is magnificent and captures the richness of every shot and every aspect of the absolute madness and brutality. Not a single drop of blood was lost or wasted as everything has been captured and graded perfectly for the home viewing experience.

Project Wolf Hunting 10

An action sequence from PROJECT WOLF HUNTING, directed by Kim Hong-sun. Photo courtesy of Well Go USA.

If you’re a fan of an all-around banger of a gorefest and are not too squeamish and somehow missed Project Wolf Hunting at festivals or its theatrical run, this is a must-buy day-one purchase for genre fans. If you’ve seen Project Wolf Hunting already, then I don’t think I need to inform you how much of a day-one purchase this is. Well Go USA makes sure to make incredible looking disks, and if you want an extra chuckle with your mayhem, the English dub is truly something otherworldly in terms of madness.

Project Wolf Hunting Special Features:

  • Behind the Scenes (4:46)
  • Making the Alpha (1:24)
  • Theatrical Trailer (2:17)

Available on Blu-ray, DVD, and digital February 14th, 2023.

For more information, head to Well Go USA’s official Project Wolf Hunting webpage.


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