About EoM

“No great talent without an element of madness.”

– Lucius Annaeus Seneca

Elements of Madness is an entertainment website focused on cinematic releases past, present, and future. With so many channels to watch films, and more arriving every day, EoM seeks to help cut through the clutter by focusing on not just the big studio pieces, but also the smaller indie pictures hitting theaters and streaming services. Though our team is small, the combination of their particular talents and view of cinema is the mixture that leads to madness.

Douglas Davidson, Founder

It’s of little surprise that Douglas found himself drawn to studying film in undergrad and graduate school after growing up in a household that loved watching movies. Though his professional vocations took him in a myriad of directions – even all the way to Johns Hopkins University to earn an M.A. in Communications – he’s always found a way to work his love of cinema into his life. Created in 2012 as a means of keeping busy, Elements of Madness is now a vessel for Douglas to pour every ounce of geekdom into reviews of upcoming releases and a monthly Coming Soon series. His greatest pride as a writer is his June 2016 induction into the NC Film Critics Association, for which he is an active member. In October 2018, he was approved as a Rotten Tomatoes approved individual critic. In April 2019, he was inducted into the Southeastern Film Critics Association.

In addition to running EoM, he’s a Senior Contributor Film Critic for Charlotte-based arts and culture blog CLTure, a contributing Film Critic for entertainment website Pretty Vacant One, a contributing Film Review Member for online film community FilmFed, and co-host of The Cine-Men podcast on the Poprika Podcast Network.

Douglas is always open to new contribution opportunities.


Meeting Bruce Campbell in 2002 remains a highlight of Douglas’s life.

Crystal Davidson, Head Editor

Cinema was something Crystal enjoyed but never dove into intellectually until taking classes in undergrad where she wrote numerous papers – including one on the interconnectedness of characters and references within the Tarantino cinematic universe – and engaged in debates over films new and old. Though her background in multimedia, science test assessment, and earth and space sciences might initially seem unrelated to film, it enables her to evaluate the aesthetic, intended audience, and narrative reason of a film, three aspects just as critical as the narrative within. Utilizing this attention to detail along with her copy editing experience, Crystal edits everything Douglas publishes – from EoM originals to contributions to other sites – to ensure that the writing is sound and the arguments are clearly articulated.


Crystal in her…element.

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  1. Love the site…. great content and it is especially nice to come across a fellow blogger in NC. I look forward to hearing more from you.

    Take Care.


    • Thank you very much. I try to only post about things that matter, even if they only matter to me. This started as a class project in grad school, but it’s been a nice way to keep myself motivated and informed.

      I hope you continue to enjoy it, and look forward to any comments you may have. Always interested in what others, particularly those in marketing, have to say regarding my work.

      Thanks again, and take care!

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