A Conversation with “Food and Romance” actor Peter Stormare.

EoM Senior Interviewer Thomas Manning recently spoke with legendary character actor Peter Stormare about his role in the new film Food and Romance, a rom-com from Swedish filmmaker Annika Appelin. 


L-R: Marie Richardson as Karin and Peter Stormare as Henrik in FOOD AND ROMANCE.

Stormare speaks about the film’s potent themes of finding love and passion in later years, and tells us why “it’s never too late to start a rock band.”

If you prefer an audio version, you can listen to the full interview here:

Official Synopsis:

A sudden change forces Karin to re-evaluate her life. With the help of friends, food and passion, she refuses to accept that life has an expiration date and takes the second chance she is given.

In theaters and on VOD December 2nd, 2022.

For more information, head to the official Samuel Goldwyn Films Food and Romance webpage.


Thomas Manning is a member of the NCFCA and SEFCA, and also the co-host of the television show and radio program Meet Me at the Movies. He has served as a production assistant and voting member on the Film Selection Committee for the Real to Reel Film Festival. Additionally, he manages his own film review and interview site, The Run-Down on Movies. Recently, Manning graduated from Gardner-Webb University with a double-major in Communications and English. His passion for cinema and storytelling is rivaled only by his love for the music of Taylor Swift.

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  1. Late stage rom-com “Food and Romance” is cinematic comfort food with a few well-prepared surprises. – Elements of Madness

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