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Part expressionist melodrama and part campy horror, “The Attachment Diaries (El Apego)” sends mixed messages about trauma and mental health issues. [Chattanooga Film Festival]

Content/trigger warning: The Attachment Diaries deals with sexual assault, self-harm, mental illness, and abortion. These subjects are also briefly discussed in the review below. The Attachment Diaries is a difficult movie for two reasons. First, it focuses on a handful… Read More ›

Sarah Jones’s docu-drama “Sell/Buy/Date” effectively blends the stage with the screen to create a challenging exploration of sex work. [SFFILM Festival]

Tony Award-winning playwright Sarah Jones (Bridge & Tunnel) has developed and performed in several one-person shows over her career. They’ve explored immigrants, prejudice, community, feminism, sex work, and more, tackling complex topics with humor without losing insight. Inspired by people… Read More ›