Cringe comedy “The Drop” offers a soft landing.

There is always a place in the world for cringe comedy and everyone has a different opinion as to what they define as cringy. As someone who has literally no intentions of being a parent to a human in their entire lifetime, maybe the premise of Sarah Adina Smith’s The Drop isn’t cringy to me because of the very real reality of something like this happening, or maybe because I’ve been on a binge of Seinfeld and I absolutely see a modern-day episode being the plot of The Drop. Regardless though, the idea of a couple who’s actively trying for a baby to do the unthinkable to a friend’s baby on their remote wedding vacation is downright hilarious if you have a sick twisted sense of humour and do not have a child yourself or want a child.


L-R: Jermaine Fowler as Mani and Anna Konkle as Lex in THE DROP.

The Drop focuses on Mani (Jermaine Fowler) and Lex (Anna Konkle) as they’re joined by their friends to celebrate a wedding. and Lex is passed Peggy (Jennifer Lafleur) and Mia (Aparna Nancherla)’s baby. She is spending some quality moments with the baby, and everything appears to be okay, until she gets distracted, her grip seems to loosen, and then the true horrors reveal themselves. Lex. Drops. The. Baby. Everyone is now looking at Lex and moreover, Mani as well, in disbelief that the baby has been dropped and has now put a serious mood killer on the events, but the rest of the friends (Utkarsh Ambudkar, Gene Farber, Jillian Bell, and Joshua Leonard) are trying to make the best out of this event despite the horrible occurrence. After seeking immediate medical care and being told they couldn’t airlift the baby due to it being a neurological issue, the baby returns wearing a helmet. This however is far from the only issue that arises on what is supposed to be a momentous trip.


L-R: Anna Konkle as Lex and Jermaine Fowler as Mani in THE DROP.

Aside from the horrors and the judgement that Lex is facing, there is an ever-growing issue now between herself and Mani as they wanted to fulfil their dreams of opening an artisanal bakery and starting a family. Mani is now questioning if he can continue his relationship, let alone start a family, with Lex after she dropped a baby. While it was a far drop, not just like off a low rise sofa, the baby was okay and it did appear to be an accident, but it is something I would imagine would be hard to shake.

What makes The Drop work on more than just the cringe level are the performances from both Anna Konkle and Jermaine Fowler. Their chemistry is exceptional and absolutely believable. While the cringe and horrors are top notch, they have to be supported by a believable cast. While Anna wants to move one like nothing happened, blaming a bee for the incident atop it all, Mani is certainly more perplexed by the situation. This rift and difference in opinion as to what happened adds an additional layer to The Drop and enhances that everyone deals with trauma differently. Jillian Bell also steals almost every scene she is in, bringing her signature style that induces laughter and brings some levity to the very heavy cringe comedy that sweeps the film from start to finish.


L-R: Jillian Bell as Lindsey, Anna Konkle as Lex, Jermaine Fowler as Mani, Robin Thede as Shauna, and Utkarsh Ambudkar as Robbie in THE DROP.

While Sarah Adina Smith directed The Drop, she also co-wrote the script with a star of the movie in the form of Joshua Leonard. While The Drop certainly promotes the cringe and real life horrors that can happen with babies in general, it packs a certain level of heart that was unexpected. It is, at its core, a movie about a horrific incident, but the way it is framed packs a comedic punch, if you have that sense of humor, and it has a certain amount of heart, ending with a hilarious reality that most people would never admit. The Drop is the perfect comedy for people who never envision themselves becoming parents, or for people that truly have a dark sense of humour.

Available on Hulu January 13th, 2023.

Final Score: 3.5 of 5.

The Drop

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