A Conversation with “Stuffed” co-creators Theo Rhys and Joss Holden-Rea. [SXSW Film Festival]

After watching the bittersweet and darkly humorous short musical Stuffed at SXSW Film Festival 2021, I just had to interview the creative team. It was truly the biggest surprise of the festival and won the special jury prize for Bold Vision in the Midnight Shorts category. Theo Rhys ran point as the director and co-writer, while Joss Holden-Rea co-wrote the story and created all of the lyrics and music. During our conversation we talk about their collaboration, their casting choices, the way they created the macabre setting of the film, and why they don’t consider Stuffed to be a horror.

About Stuffed:

In a cozy cul de sac in Gloucestershire, Araminta (Alison Fitzjohn), a taxidermist works on her artistry with animals but secretly longs for a human to stuff. When she places an ad online, Bernie (Anthony Young) responds. Scared of aging and leaving no legacy, Bernie finds the idea of being stuffed appealing. But when Bernie shows up at the house, the pair discovers a surprising connection to one another. They question if they should go through with the plot as planned or take a chance on romance.

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