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Rejoice True Believers, “Spider-Man: Homecoming” is a joyous return for our favorite friendly neighborhood wall-crawler. [Extended Review]

Rest assured, dear reader, that Sony Pictures and Marvel Studios have prepared the most delicious of summer cinematic treats with their fun, effulgent, airy, and oh-so-scrumptious Jon Watts-directed Spider-Man: Homecoming. This is the Spider-Man movie audiences have wanted since Sam Raimi’s 2004 Spider-Man 2. Ladies and gentlemen, your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man is back!

“The Beguilded” is an abject lesson in betraying Southern women

On a hot southern morning, with the fog still making its way through the woods, a twelve-year-old girl hunts for mushrooms accompanied by the sound of cannon fire in the distance as the Civil War rages outside the wood. Soon she finds a hurt man hiding among the leaves and dirt at the base of a tree. Though he’s a Union soldier in these Confederate lands, his wound is severe and she does the only thing she can – takes him to her nearby seminary for aid. There, while passed out from pain, his fate is decided by seven women who, in turn, decide their own.