“Win a Trip to Browntown!” isn’t the prize it intends to be.

There is something to admire about someone who chooses to write, star, and direct a project they are passionate about. However, there is also some level of humility and knowledge about committing to something that daunting. Win a Trip to Browntown! is funny and absolutely mind-boggling, but the dead-pan student film-esque performances are what make this comedy more cringeworthy than it is meant to be. If this plot was delivered by the Hollywood funny guys and gals and made more like a Judd Apatow picture (actors and delivery of the subject), it would’ve played much better and had more positive results. Instead, it just reads like a Reddit thread you stumbled upon at three in the morning.

Browntown Still 2

L-R: George A. Tramountanas as Frank Tsigas and Kendra McDermott as Laura Tsigas in WIN A TRIP TO BROWNTOWN!.

George A. Tramountanas makes it evidently clear that Win a Trip to Browntown! was in no way inspired by actual events. In fact, he wants to make it evidently clear to the audience that his real-life wife never suggested anything related to the plot of the movie, and absolutely, without a doubt, did not inspire his desire to create this script. There is definitely something in the script that packs a punch and insights the laughter, but the final product manages to miss its final mark.

Browntown Still 3

George A. Tramountanas as Frank Tsigas in WIN A TRIP TO BROWNTOWN!.

Frank (George A. Tramountanas) is an aspiring writer who is stuck in a rut and can only focus on his shortcomings. He has a blog he writes on almost daily but it is mainly for personal musings of his and those of his colleagues. His at home life seems to have taken a slump as it’s his 21st anniversary, but his wife, Laura (Kenda McDermott), decides to call it their 20th because of a bad year. Later, things try to spice up in the bedroom and Frank and Laura get into a discussion of Frank losing weight, and Laura decides to make it interesting by stating that if he can lose 50 pounds, she’ll give him a reward. They go back and forth about what said reward can be, and settle on, you guessed it, anal. The rules are set — Frank has three months to lose 50 pounds and, if he does, he wins a trip to browntown (pun intended).

Browntown Still 4

L-R: Sam Schragel as Paul, Phillip Silva as Cameron, and Kiana Vaziri as Nikki in WIN A TRIP TO BROWNTOWN!.

What works in Win a Trip to Browntown! is the comedy that lends itself to this type of movie. The general idea of weight loss and “rewards” from one’s wife is an idea that’s not new to movies, but they usually do produce a level of outrageous comedy and impeccable timing for laughter.  While George A. Tramountanas can certainly write a script that lends itself to humours instances, can create absolutely irredeemable characters, and can direct the feature in a way that seems genuine and thoughtful, his performance is what makes the film fall flat unfortunately. Kendra McDermott, however, manages to shine through the film and bring to life the character of Laura. She adds such a charm and life to the character, bringing some much-needed levelness and realism to the movie as ones like this tend to be over the top and farfetched.

Browntown Still 1

L-R: Kendra McDermott as Laura Tsigas, Heather Reynosa as Jen, and Amelia Samson as Meg in WIN A TRIP TO BROWNTOWN!.

Win a Trip to Browntown! manages to pack some laughs and be a sophomore effort for George A. Tramountanas. The ability to craft a story that works and can bring such a silly idea to the forefront and make it work is impressive. However, his abilities should stay off screen and he should let someone less green perform the work he has created. Win a Trip to Browntown! is the type of movie that fans of Tommy Wiseau’s The Room will love and it will get that love from the audience of that subgenre, but it does not play to the mainstream audience just as well.

Available on VOD and digital March 22nd, 2022.

For more information, head to the official Win a Trip to Browntown! website.

Final Score: 2 out of 5.

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