Open Dialogue with “The Mauritanian” director Kevin Macdonald.

Kevin Macdonald is a documentarian, a feature filmmaker, and a master storyteller. Known for projects like The Last King of Scotland, State of Play, and documentaries on Mick Jagger, Bob Marley and Whitney Houston –  Macdonald appreciates all aspects of the cinematic arts. Today on Open Dialogue with Noel T. Manning II, he chats about his work as director of Golden Globe winner – The Mauritanian.

The Mauritanian is now available to own on digital, and available on Blu-Ray & DVD on May 11th, 2021.

*Footage is used by permission from STX films for interview and promotional purposes.

Noel T. Manning II is a longtime registered entertainment journalist of film, TV, music and pop culture.

Noel T. Manning is a member of the CCA, SEFCA and the NCFCA and is also the host of the television program and radio show Meet Me at the Movies. He’s the founder of the Real to Reel Film Fest and is an adjunct professor of film studies. When he’s not embracing mainstream, indie, international, documentary or art films, he’s digging into the world of cinema by chatting with principle individuals involved in various aspects of the filmmaking industry.

You can listen other interviews, as well as the audio from his television program Meet Me at the Movies on C19.TV and WGWG soundcloud stream

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