“PG: Psycho Goreman” DVD Giveaway

After a tour on the festival circuit and a mixed theatrical/VOD release, The Archduke of Nightmares is coming to your home, ready to bathe in your blood. That’s right, PG: Psycho Goreman is slated for a home release on March 16th: are you ready? Are all you Hunky Boys ready? This film is a big favorite with EoM founder Douglas Davidson and it’s about to become one of yours, too. Thanks to the wonderful folks at RLJE Films, we have two (2) DVD copies of PG: Psycho Goreman to giveaway, offering you the chance to giggle-scream anytime you like!

Giveaway runs until Monday, March 15th, at 11:59pm EST. Enter at the form below.

PG: Psycho Goreman Special Features:

  • Director Commentary
  • One-on-One: An Interview with the Director of PG: Psycho Goreman
  • Interviews with the Cast
  • Interview with Adam Brooks
  • Kortex: A Konversation
  • The Music of PG: Psycho Goreman
  • Fight Choreography
  • Fight Pre-Viz
  • Filming the Paladin Fight
  • PG vs Pandora
  • Miniature Magic
  • Inside the Creature Shop
  • Concept Art Gallery
  • PG: Psycho Goreman Trading Cards Gallery
  • Behind the Scenes Photo Gallery

Official Synopsis:

Siblings Mimi and Luke unwittingly resurrect an ancient alien overlord who was entombed on Earth millions of years ago after a failed attempt to destroy the universe. They nickname the evil creature Psycho Goreman (or PG for short) and use the magical amulet they discovered to force him to obey their childish whims. It isn’t long before PG’s reappearance draws the attention of intergalactic friends and foes from across the cosmos and a rogues’ gallery of alien combatants converges in small-town suburbia to battle for the fate of the galaxy.

Rules of the Contest

  1. To enter – fill out the contest form below and submit before Monday, March 15th at 11:59 PM EST. Only one entry per person.
  2. Entrants must be 18 years old or older to win.
  3. Winners will be notified via email after the close of the contest.
  4. Two (2) selected winners will be awarded with one (1) DVD of PG: Psycho Goreman.
  5. Participants understand that the DVD is not the responsibility of Elements of Madness.
  6. The winner is solely responsible for receipt of the DVD once it is sent to the winner and not to share it with others or misuse it and deprive others from redeeming their prize.
  7. DVD will be sent to the winner by a RLJE Film representative.
  8. Winners must live in the contiguous United States. Elements of Madness does not ship internationally.
  9. The winner will have two (2) weeks to claim their prize or it will be forfeited and given to another entrant.
  10. Prizes are not redeemable for cash or other items.
  11. Prize cannot be swapped or traded for anything else.
  12. Members of EoM staff or their immediate families are not eligible to participate.

The contest is now closed. The winners will be contacted.

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