Vestron Video’s release of Kathryn Bigelow’s“Blue Steel” on Blu-ray comes with perks.

There is something inherently interesting and captivating about uncovering a movie that was released decades ago that has never come across your radar but the cast and director have enough of your interest peaked that one figures it is worth the investment of time, at the bare minimum. As well when the film is being released for the first time ever on Blu-ray, and by none other than Vestron, the excitement doesn’t die down, it gets amplified to 11!

If you’re unaware of who Vestron is, they are a company that was relaunched by Lionsgate and bring fans movies that have been left on the backburner for releases typically or presents new restorations packed to the brim with features that allow collectors and fans of the titles to see the movie in a whole new light. Aside from the disks always being loaded with more features than nearly any other release out there for any title, they also come with limited edition slipcovers that are only made for the first run of the printing, making these films not only a high point for collectors, but giving some lesser known diamonds in the rough their chance to shine, even if the films themselves are a little too rough to be considered true diamonds.

The 31st Vestron Collectors Series movie is Kathryn Bigelow (Point Break; Near Dark)’s Blue Steel starring none other than Jamie Lee Curtis (Halloween; Knives Out). The film focuses on an NYPD officer, Megan (Jamie Lee Curtis), whose first day on the job certainly starts off as one of the worst first days in history. She responds to a robbery at a grocery store, has to draw her weapon, and ends up killing the robber in the process. Since it’s her first day, things don’t entirely add up in her favor and she is suspended from active duty, but things truly continue to take a turn for the worst as Eugene Hunt (Rod Silver) develops an obsession with her, and this eerie game of cat and mouse between them not only threatens her professional career but her life as well.

Aside from Jamie Lee Curtis, the film also stars Clancy Brown (Highlander; SpongeBob SquarePants) and Richard Jenkins (Cabin in the Woods; The Shape of Water), to name a couple, and with the star power behind the camera, Blue Steel is a powder keg of excitement and anxiety as this chaos unfold in its 102-minute running time. While the movie has some missteps in its script and a need for a non-‘90s feel (which, considering its time of original release, would be impossible), Blue Steel makes for a great thrilling night at home, and the Vestron Blu-ray is the absolute way to go.

This Blu-ray is certainly a massive upgrade from the DVD. The nice thing about the Vestron Collectors Series of titles is that they sell at market price, which is affordable. The uniformed slipcovers throughout the series make for a beautiful addition to one’s shelf and the film will surely satisfy those who wish to relive the ‘90s and the cheesy near schlocky vibe to crime thrillers.

The transfer of Blue Steel looks incredible, as well. Considering the only way to own this physically before was a DVD, the restoration here is simply sublime and is sure to make any fan and collector ecstatic with how clean and crisp it looks. Moreover though, as previously mentioned, the Vestron Video Collectors Series ensures that consumers get the absolute most bang for their buck. Not only does it come with a Blu-ray, a digital code, and the snazzy limited edition slipcover, it also comes with nine separate features to round out the complete disk for buyers. While it is important to clarify that while there have been some features released for home viewing recently that have had six or seven features and nine shouldn’t be something to necessarily brag about, it’s always quality over quantity. There are no bonus features that focus on a deleted scene or a cast Q&A or anything that most likely can be found down the line on YouTube, but, more importantly, these features are Criterion-level features. Several are commentaries or discussions with film historians or people involved with the film directly. Truly, Blue Steel from the Vestron Video Collector’s Series is the definitive way to own this Kathryn Bigelow project.

Blue Steel Special Features

  • Audio Commentary with Film Historian Alexandra Heller-Nicholas
  • “A Hired Gun” with Editor Lee Percy
  • “The Phallic Woman: Deconstructing Blue Steel” with Film Historian Professor Jennifer Moorman
  • “Staring Down the Barrel” with Production Designer Toby Corbett
  • A Profound Emotional Response – A Video Essay by Film Historian Chris O’Neill
  • Theatrical Trailer
  • TV Spots
  • Vintage Promo
  • Still Gallery

Available on Blu-Ray November 14th, 2023.

Blue Steel Poster

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