EoM Presents: A Conversation with “26.2 to Life” director Christine Yoo. [Santa Barbara International Film Festival]

In this conversation, EoM Senior Interviewer Thomas Manning speaks with director Christine Yoo about her documentary film 26.2 to Life. Yoo discusses her passion for exploring the stories of prisoners in San Quentin and their road to rehabilitation through marathon running.

5_Christine Yoo_Cellblock

Center: Director Christine Yoo filming documentary 26.2 TO LIFE. All photos shot on location at San Quentin State Prison. Photo Copyright, San Quentin Marathon, LLC.

If you prefer an audio version, you can listen to the full interview here:

Official Synopsis:

The San Quentin Prison Marathon has an unconventional route: 105 dizzying laps around a crowded prison yard. 26.2 to Life is a new documentary that tells the story of incarcerated men who are members of the 1000 Mile Club, the prison’s long distance running club. They train all year for this 26.2 mile race. For the men who take their places at the starting line on a cool, sunny November morning, completing the marathon means more than entrée into an elite group of athletes. It’s a chance to be defined by more than their crimes. Cheering them on are a small staff of volunteer coaches, veteran marathoners who train with the runners throughout the year. The bonds they forge on the track create a community that transcends prison politics and extends beyond the prison walls as members are released. 26.2 to Life is a story of transformation and second chances. The film offers a rare glimpse into a world out of bounds, as the men navigating life sentences seek redemption and freedom… or something like it.

Screening during Santa Barbara International Film Festival 2023.

For more information, head to the official 26.2 to Life website.


Thomas Manning is a member of the NCFCA and SEFCA, and also the co-host of the television show and radio program Meet Me at the Movies. He has served as a production assistant and voting member on the Film Selection Committee for the Real to Reel Film Festival. Additionally, he manages his own film review and interview site, The Run-Down on Movies. Recently, Manning graduated from Gardner-Webb University with a double-major in Communications and English. His passion for cinema and storytelling is rivaled only by his love for the music of Taylor Swift.

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