Foster and Fanning bring “Galveston” to life.

More often than not, the best stories are the ones that take risks, that play with convention, and defy expectations. Other times, the risks fail to pay off and leave the audience with a diminishing sense of fulfillment. So rarely is the latter the case when Ben Foster is attached in any way, shape, or form. His presence has a way of uplifting material, while his performance makes the film far more engaging. Truly a gifted actor, he’s one of the many reasons the adaptation of Nic Pizzolatto’s (True Detective) book Galveston, by first-time screenwriter Jim Hammett and directed by sometime actor Mélanie Laurent (Inglorious Basterds), feels propulsive in the few action scenes and tension-filled in the quiet ones. Replete with thoughtful character work by Foster and co-star Elle Fanning (The Beguiled) and immersive direction by Laurent, Galveston is a lingering cinematic experience.

To learn more, head to FilmFed for the complete, spoiler-free review of Galveston.


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