“We the Animals” explores family dynamics through the perspective of a child.

In a cinematic landscape filled with large, loud options, sometimes it’s the quietest ones that make the boldest impact. Such is the case with director Jeremiah Zagar’s We the Animals, an adaptation of Justin Torres’s 2011 award-winning novel of the same name written in conjunction with Daniel Kitrosser, which tracks the youngest of three boys, Jonah (Evan Rosado), as he struggles with a volatile home life, the bonds of brotherhood, and an acute sense of separation that comes from growing up. Utilizing techniques from his documentarian background and three leads with no previous acting experience, Zagar is able to present a challenging, yet surprisingly peaceful meditative piece examining not just the three brothers and their complex existence, but also the connective tissues that makes us who we are.

To learn more, head to FilmFed for the complete, spoiler-free review of We the Animals.



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