EoM Presents: A Conversation with “One Day as a Lion” director John Swab.

In this conversation, EoM senior interviewer Thomas Manning chats with director John Swab about his new film One Day as a Lion.


Scott Caan as Jackie Powers in the action/thriller, ONE DAY AS A LION, a Lionsgate release. Photo courtesy of Lionsgate.

Swab talks about his Oklahoma roots, bringing Scott Caan’s script to life, his collaborations with Frank Grillo, and more.

If you prefer an audio version, you can listen to the full interview here:

Official Synopsis:

Jackie Powers (Scott Caan) is a nice guy but a lousy hitman sent to take out a crafty debtor (J.K. Simmons) Jackie only pisses him off. Fleeing the scene Jackie takes bored waitress Lola as a hostage. Jackie needs money to get his son out of jail Lola cooks up a scheme for them to get cash from her dying mother (Virginia Madsen). Meanwhile a thug sent to kill him is sleeping with Jackie’s ex… Also starring Frank Grillo this crime comedy is a witty homage to Tarantino and the Coen brothers.

In select theaters April 4th, 2023.
Available on VOD and digital April 7th, 2023.
Available on DVD May 16th, 2023. 

For more information, head to the official Lionsgate One Day as a Lion webpage.


Thomas Manning is a member of the NCFCA and SEFCA, and also the co-host of the television show and radio program Meet Me at the Movies. He has served as a production assistant and voting member on the Film Selection Committee for the Real to Reel Film Festival. Additionally, he manages his own film review and interview site, The Run-Down on Movies. Recently, Manning graduated from Gardner-Webb University with a double-major in Communications and English. His passion for cinema and storytelling is rivaled only by his love for the music of Taylor Swift.

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