Meet Me at the Movies: Episode 471 – Summer Movie Experiences, Vol 2

As promised, since so many films just couldn’t quite make the cut to be discussed in the first volume of Summer Movie Experiences at Meet Me at the Movies, here is volume 2!

That’s right, The Cine-Men – Douglas Davidson and Darryl Mansel – return to join Meet Me at the Movies host Noel T. Manning to discuss even more of their favorite films and the memories forever tied to them.

Episode Description:

Douglas Davidson, Darryl Mansel and Noel T. Manning II revisit summer movie memories in volume 2 of the seasonal special for episode 471 of Meet me at the Movies.

Footage, images, and clips are used by permission for review, parody, critique, and educational purposes.

All three members are film registered film journalists.

If you prefer an audio-only experience:

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