Meet Me at the Movies: Episode 465 – Summer Movie Experiences, Vol 1

Any chance to talk about movies is a good time, but to get invited to join Darryl Mansel and Noel T. Manning for an episode of Meet Me at the Movies to talk summer movie memories, well – that’s just a spot of joy. Not just because talking with these two is always a good time, but because it means taking the time to look back on some of my favorite cinematic experiences.

Giving you a heads up now that we have too many to discuss in one episode, so keep an eye out for Volume 2 coming later this summer!

Episode Description:

Darryl Mansel and Douglas Davidson join Noel T. Manning II to explore the age old cinematic question … “What are your favorite Summer Movie-going Experiences.” All this and a few laughs on Meet me at the Movies: Episode 465.

Clips are used by permission for review, educational and parody purposes. Film journalists featured here are registered with numerous film-related organizations.

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