The Cine-Men, Episode 48 – Favorite Diegetic Music in Film.

Whether it’s a score, licensed tunes, or original material created for a film, the use of music can make or break a scene. Just imagine how less dreadful the opening moments of Jaws would be without John Williams’s score. Or how bland Indy’s escape at the start of Raiders of the Lost Ark would be without those famous notes. For this episode of The Cine-Men, co-hosts Darryl Mansel and I explore the use of diegetic sound, specifically songs, by way of our favorite moments in cinema. Think Bradley Cooper’s Jack and Lady Gaga’s Ally singing “Shallow” in A Star Is Born (2018), Jason Gedrick’s Doug pressing play on Queen’s “One Vision” before going into battle in Iron Eagle (1986), Rosario Dawson’s Becky teaching Brian O’Halloran’s Dante to dance with The Jackson 5’s “ABC” in Clerks 2 (2006), or Idina Menzel’s Elsa’s beautiful moment of self-realization in the absolutely fantastic “Show Yourself” in Frozen 2. As usual, we also discuss our latest watches, which ones we recommend, and the Cine-Men Challenge: The Book of Life (Darryl) and The 36th Chamber of Shaolin (Douglas).

What do you think of our selections? Which ones are your personal favorites? Make sure to let us know in the comments.

Episode Description

Cine-Men hosts Douglas Davidson and Seed discuss movies they’ve seen recently, their favorite diegetic music from movies, and the Cine-Men Challenge.

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