Pals for Life Radio, Hot Take Thursday: Part 2

As promised in the post for the S & M Show, you can listen to the rest of our scintillating conversation about my path to creating EoM and my views on the current state of cinema by checking out Part 2: The Finale. Well, it’s more like a cliffhanger as I have no idea if Shane and Mike will invite me back on, but I certainly hope they do.

In any case, enjoy Part 2 and let me know what you think in the comments.

Want to catch up on Part 1 first? Easy-peasy.

Episode Description

Shane and Mike had so much fun talking to Doug last episode, they decided to do it again!  (Read: we had lots of good material and didn’t want to cut any of it.)  They also discuss getting older, pandemic hobbies, and they cancel some more things like “friendly reminders” and car shows.

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