Pals for Life Radio, Hot Take Thursday: Part 1

I was invited to join the co-founders and co-hosts of Pals for Life Radio Mike Bowers and Shane Ryan for the second episode of the S & M Show. Bowers and I go way back, all the way to undergrad at UNC at Asheville where we served as Resident Assistants in the dorms, members of entertainment board (formerly known as) Underdog Productions, and part of the inaugural Blue Echo web streaming team. Despite time and distance, it’s honestly like nothing has changed (in a good way). For their second show, I joined Mike and Shane to talk – what else – movies! 

Evidently we spoke for so long that the show is split into two parts. Want to hear the rest? You can either tune in to Pals for Life Radio on Thursday *OR* wait for me to post it on EoM. Options, options, options.

Episode Description:

Shane and Mike inexplicably decide to make a second episode of the S&M Show.  In this episode, they discuss anniversaries, the COVID vaccine and 5G, the NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship, and how they knew their spouses were “the one.”  They also talk to Douglas Davidson of Elements of Madness about what life as a film critic has been like during the pandemic.  

Most importantly, they tackle the question on everyone’s minds: is it time to cancel the Berenstain Bears?

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  1. Pals for Life Radio, Hot Take Thursday: Part 2 – Elements of Madness

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