Meet Me at the Movies: 2020 Memories, Part One.

One of the first big things I did professionally in 2020 was attend the 25th Annual Critics Choice Awards. It was my first time attending and I got to go with my podcast co-host Darryl Mansel, as well as the dynamic duo of Noel T. Manning and Thomas Manning. In early 2020, Darryl and I had the Mannings on The Cine-Men to talk about the trip. Feels fitting to start 2021 by joining Noel, Thomas, and Darryl to discuss our favorite cinematic-related memories of 2020. Don’t worry, it’s not all California related. 

If you enjoy this, look for Part Two coming soon.

Episode Description:

Noel & Thomas are joined by Darryl & Douglas as they explore some movie memories worth celebrating from 2020 in part one of this two-part Meet me at the Movies award’s season special.

Meet me at the Movies airs weekly on C19 TV and WGWG. *Footage and audio is used by permission for review, educational and parody purposes. All four critics are recognized by various film critics’ organizations.

For those who prefer audio-only entertainment, you can listen to this episode of Meet Me at the Movies, as well as archived episodes, on the WGWG soundcloud stream.

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