The Cine-Men, Episode 26: CCA 2020 Recap & More

While everyone is doing their part to flatten the curve, enjoy this new episode of The Cine-Men featuring co-hosts Douglas Davidson and Darryl Mansel! For Episode 26 we welcome back Episode 25 guest Noel T. Manning, as well as new guest Thomas Manning. As a group they reflect back on their exciting trip to Los Angeles in January of 2020 to attend the 25th Annual Critics Choice Awards. The four discuss several highlights from exploring L.A. as well as the event itself. To make things extra special, make sure to stick around for a “Test Your Might” minisode where Douglas acts as Game Master and puts Darryl, Noel, and Thomas through a movie trivia wringer. Who will win? Who will lose? Doesn’t matter because it’s all a good time.

Episode Description:

In this episode of the show, hosts Douglas Davidson and Seed are joined by guests Noel T. Manning II and Thomas Manning to discuss their time and experiences at the Critic’s Choice Awards earlier this year.

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