Fantasia International Film Festival

Director Nick Gillespie’s second feature, “Paul Dood’s Deadly Lunch Break,” utilizes conventions, only to usurp them, crafting a scruples comedy tipped in horror. [Fantasia International Film Festival]

In this life there are few things worse than being misunderstood, to possess the feeling that those around you can’t see about you what you see in yourself. This schism between social reflection and personal identity has been the source… Read More ›

Constructed upon utter chaos, “#ShakespearesShitstorm” loses itself in its visual style as it tries to dissolve the more pretentious side of The Bard. [Fantasia Film Festival]

Over twenty years after his first experimental Shakespeare film adaptation, Tromeo and Juliet (1996), Lloyd Kaufman and the team at Troma Entertainment have released yet another irreverent and outlandish adaptation with #ShakespearesShitstorm, a wacky musical-comedy and gross-out fest based on… Read More ›