The Cine-Men, Episode 68: Favorite Female-Led Action Films with special guest Carol Cowles.

Coming off Episode 67, we had to establish that Tom Cruise doesn’t hold the patent on action and that there are plenty of places to see proper stunts. To do that, The Cine-Men co-host Darryl Mansel and I turned toward the action films lead by women throughout cinema history, picking our favorites of the bunch. Additionally, we’re joined by Refried Scenes and Guardians of the Geekry co-host Carol Cowles who provides a little backstory on her cinematic journey before getting into her favorite female-led action films.

As we have a guest on this show, there will be no Cine-Men Challenge, but we trade that for an excellent conversation with Carol. 

Episode Description:

Cine-Men hosts Douglas Davidson and Seed are joined by guest Carol Cowles of Refried Scenes to discuss movies they’ve seen recently and some of the favorite action movies fronted by women.

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