Meet Me at the Movies: Episode 453

Been awhile since I joined Noel T. Manning and Thomas Manning for an episode of Meet Me at the Movies, so the release of Matt Reeves’s The Batman seemed like a great reason to return. They offered me space to discuss the film and even surprised me with a few questions (which I think I managed quite well). If you haven’t seen the film yet, it’s in theaters now and is rumored to come to HBO Max around mid-April.

The boys also talk about Kimi (which I haven’t seen) and Prime Video’s Reacher (an excellent limited episode series which I have).

Episode Description:

Douglas Davidson joins Noel and Thomas Manning to review The Batman, Kimi, The Pink Cloud and Reacher on Meet me at the Movies episode 453.

Meet me at the Movies airs weekly on C19 TV and WGWG radio. All three film journalists are registered members of various film critics organizations. Clips (audio and video) are used for review, promotional, educational and parody purposes.

For those who prefer audio-only entertainment, you can listen to this episode of Meet Me at the Movies, as well as archived episodes, on the WGWG soundcloud stream.

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