Meet Me at the Movies: Episode 447, NC Film Critics 2021 Awards

Since 2016 with my induction into the North Carolina Film Critics Association, I’ve been able to call myself a film critic. I’d been writing on-and-off for a while prior to Spring 2016, but always felt like being an actual critic was beyond my reach. Like it was a title I didn’t have the qualifications to earn. In that time since my induction, I’ve participated in the annual “Best In Cinema” awards six times, with 2021 being the first time I’ve done so as president of the organization. On this special episode of Meet Me at the Movies, I join fellow critic and vice-president of the NCFCA to discuss the winners of 2021’s Best In Cinema. It’s always a good time to talk film with Noel and doing so as a representative of our organization is just extra special. 

Episode Description:

The North Carolina Film Critics recently named the best in cinema for 2021. Douglas Davidson, president on the NCFCA, joins Noel T. Manning II to talk about some of this year’s winners.

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Clips are used by permission for review, educational and parody purposes. Noel and Douglas are both registered film journalists.

To view the entire episode on YouTube, head to Noel T. Manning’s channel.

For those who prefer audio-only entertainment, you can listen to this episode of Meet Me at the Movies, as well as archived episodes, on the WGWG soundcloud stream.

For the full list of winners, head to the NC Film Critics Association website.


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