Meet Me at the Movies, Episode 429: The Films of 1996, Part 1.

It’s always fantastic to join Noel T. Manning on Meet Me at the Movies and this time the invitation to chat cinema included Thomas Manning and Darryl Mansel! Who could ask for a better way to spend 30 minutes? Certainly not me.

On this episode we look back on 1996 to talk about our favorite films of that year. There are so many we enjoy that we had to finish it up on a later episode coming soon. 

What do you think of our choices? Which ones have you seen and what do you think of them? Make sure to let us know.

Episode Description:

If you could talk about some of your favorite films of 1996, what would they be? Douglas Davidson and Darryl Mansel join Noel and Thomas Manning on episode 429 of Meet me at the Movies to explore just some of those films.

Meet me at the Movies airs weekly on C19 TV and Footage and audio used by permission for review, evaluation, editorial and educational purposes.

Manning is a long-time film journalist and is registered with the Critics Choice Association, SEFCA, NCFCA and the Online Film Critics.

For those who prefer audio-only entertainment, you can listen to this episode of Meet Me at the Movies, as well as archived episodes, on the WGWG soundcloud stream.

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