A Conversation with directors Lydia Schamschula and Jeremy Glaholt of “A Step Without Feet.”

Imagine leaving the country you’ve always known all in search of freedom, opportunity and your place in the world. Directors Lydia Schamschula & Jeremy Glaholt share the story of making the documentary A Step Without Feet with Noel T. Manning II.

Through art, dance, music, food and poetry, this film offers a unique look at a people exploring a shared culture within a new land. They find that anything worth having, happens through challenges, sacrifice and purposed focus.

Noel T. Manning is a member of the CCA, SEFCA and the NCFCA and is also the host of the television program and radio show Meet Me at the Movies. He’s the founder of the Real to Reel Film Fest and is an adjunct professor of film studies. When he’s not embracing mainstream, indie, international, documentary or art films, he’s digging into the world of cinema by chatting with principle individuals involved in various aspects of the filmmaking industry.

You can listen other interviews, as well as the audio from his television program Meet Me at the Movies on C19.TV and WGWG soundcloud stream

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