Meet Me at the Movies, Episode 388

It is, without a doubt, an absolute pleasure to join Noel T. Manning on his program Meet Me at the Movies and this latest recording is no exception. To make things more special, Noel invited Darryl Mansel, creating a fun and entertaining experience. Well, fun and entertaining for us, to be sure. On this week’s episode, the quartet discuss recent releases like The Old GuardHamiltonThe Outpost, and Greyhound, while also answering the questions “If a composer scored your life story, who would it be and why?”

You’ll have to watch to find out how it goes.

Episode Description

Meet me at the Movies: Episode 388 – Darryl & Douglas (The Cine-Men) visit Noel & Thomas this week, and reviews are offered of Hamilton, Greyhound, The Outpost, Inside the Rain, Wasp Network, The Old Guard and more. We’ll even explore which composers would score a film on our lives for this week’s hot topic.

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