Meet Me at the Movies, Show 381

It’s been a minute since I’ve was able to join the Meet Me at the Movies crew, but, even with social distancing going on, we found a way to make it work. Never ones to make it dull, Noel tasked us all with picking a film that features a character similar to someone we know. If there was ever an episode of MAM you shouldn’t miss, this one is it. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to go touch up my make-up.

Episode Description:

On this week’s Meet me at the Movies, join Thomas Manning, Greg Tillman, Douglas Davidson, and Noel Thomas Manning as we chat about the Netflix film Extraction and Tammy’s Always Dying. We also explore films characters who remind us of people we know. John Heath even gets a cameo.

You can also find this week’s show here.

*Footage is used by permission for review and evaluation purposes. Noel T. Manning II has been a registered film critic for over 25 years.

For those who prefer audio-only entertainment, you can listen to this episode of Meet Me at the Movies, as well as archived episodes, on the WGWG soundcloud stream.

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