Paramount Pictures unveils the first three films of their new “Paramount Presents” home release label.

The Paramount Pictures library contains some of the most cherished films in cinema history, films like It’s a Wonderful Life (1946), Footloose (1984), and all four Indiana Jones films; critically acclaimed films like Oscar-nominated Hustle & Flow (2006) and Oscar-winner The War of the Worlds (1953); and, perhaps just to make their mark by being a studio willing to take a chance on an independent studio with big dreams, 2008’s Iron Man. Since 1912, Paramount Pictures has been an enormous part of cinema history, and, in recognition of that contribution, Paramount Pictures created a new label to honor the films that made them what they are under new distribution label “Paramount Presents.”

In conjunction with the Paramount Presents home release, a theatrical run was planned for each of the films, but those plans have been put on hold for the foreseeable future.


The first three films to release under the new label are Fatal Attraction (1987), King Creole (1958), and To Catch a Thief (1955). Each of the films were chosen due to their cultural influence and none of the upcoming releases are locked into a genre or era. This enables Paramount to pick and choose from their exhaustive and eclectic catalog. In terms of packaging, each one is given a custom slipcover with official artwork on the front and a foldable image of the original poster attached. The case itself is an opaque white versus the typical blue plastic, which enables still images of scenes from the respective films to be visible on the inside of the case. The discs themselves feature no special design or adornment, favoring a simple blue background with silver lettering.


As far as internal changes, each film is remastered from a 4K film transfer. Additionally, release #1 Fatal Attraction was remastered under the supervision of director Adrian Lyne, who also contributes a new bonus feature wherein he discusses the film, which is in addition to the original home release bonus features. Release #2, King Creole, includes a discussion of the film with lauded cinema historian Leonard Maltin, as well as the ability to play the songs directly from the menu. For release #3, To Catch a Thief, the original special features are included, along with a new bonus discussion of the film with Leonard Maltin.


Following soon after these first three are remastered editions of Flashdance (1983), Airplane! (1980), Ghost (1990), and more. Dates to be determined.

To get a good look at what’s included with each release, enjoy the following brief open box videos.

Fatal Attraction

King Creole

To Catch a Thief


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  1. I bet that Grace Kelly’s performance in TCaT turned a lot of boys into men.

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