A Conversation with composer Steven Price.

Noel T. Manning is a member of the CCA and the NCFCA and is also the host of the television program and radio show Meet Me at the Movies. When he’s not teaching in the classroom, he’s digging into the world of movies, which often involves chatting with principle individuals involved in various aspects of the filmmaking industry.

Review from the Vault: With Awards’ Season buzz surrounding Ad Astra, I thought this would be a great time to revisit another award’s caliber film that offered “self-exploration” with the backdrop of space. In this interview from 2013, I speak with Steven Price, the Oscar-winning composer for Gravity.

Episode Description:

Critics Choice Award winning (and Oscar nominated) Film composer Steven Price has been connected to greats like Trevor Jones and Hans Zimmer, and with work on such films as “Lord of the Rings” and “Batman Begins” – his work on the George Clooney/Sandra Bullock vehicle “Gravity” has impressed audiences and critics alike for bringing the emotions, the atmosphere and chaos of “Gravity” to life.

In this episode of Cinemascene, Price talks with WGWG film critic Noel T. Manning II about his career, his approach to composing and the unique approach to “Gravity”-project.

You can listen other interviews, as well as the audio from his television program Meet Me at the Movies on C19.TV and WGWG soundcloud stream

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