A Conversation with “It: Chapter Two” Cinematographer Checco Varese.

Noel T. Manning is a member of the CCA and the NCFCA and is also the host of the television program and radio show Meet Me at the Movies. When he’s not teaching in the classroom, he’s digging into the world of movies, which often involves chatting with principle individuals involved in various aspects of the filmmaking industry. Recently, Noel spoke with cinematographer Checco Varese, whose most recent work, It: Chapter Two, hit theaters on September 6th, 2019.





Episode Description:

“It: Chapter Two” cinematographer Checco Varese talks with entertainment journalist Noel T. Manning II about his history in documentary, journalism, music videos, film and his work on “It: Chapter Two” on this week’s Cinemascene on WGWG.


You can listen other interviews, as well as the audio from his television program Meet Me at the Movies on the WGWG soundcloud stream.

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