The Cine-Men, Episode 18

Before a brief hiatus of recording begins, hosts Darryl and Douglas bring on their first ever guest, Charlotte local and director Chris Baker, so that we can have a bit more credibility to discuss some of our favorite director/actor combinations. You know the ones – the pairing that as soon as one is mentioned, you can’t help but think of the other. That’s the main topic for episode 18, but, of course, the Cine-Men also discuss their latest challenges In The Mood For Love from Wong Kar-Wai and House II: The Second Story from Ethan Wiley.

Who made it onto your list of favorite director/actor pairings? What do you think of ours?

Also, since we are going on a brief hiatus, no Cine-Men Challenges were issued this show. Keep an eye on our social platforms to find out what films the boys throw down before episode 19 drops.

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Episode Description:

On this episode of The Cine-Men, hosts Douglas Davidson and Seed are joined by director Chris Baker to discuss what they’ve seen recently, their favorite actor/director pairings, and the Cine-Men Challenge.

If you enjoyed listening to Chris Baker, please consider making a donation to the Carolina Film Community. In their 10th year, they’re attempting to raise $10k to hold their premiere party, as well as use the funds for prize money. For more information, head to the Carolina Film Community main site.

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