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EoM founder Douglas Davidson appears as a guest on the Monster Mashup Marketing podcast hosted by Matt Starnes to discuss the history of Elements of Madness. So if you’ve read the About EoM page and ever wanted to dig a little deeper, check out this 35-minute conversation where the two discuss what instigated Douglas to create EoM in the first place, the evolution it’s undergone through the years, and what he’s learned along the way.

Be forewarned: there’s a strange clicking that becomes a bit distracting about a third of the way into the show. Not sure where it came from or why.

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Episode Description:

Join host Matt Starnes and his special guest Douglas Davidson of Elements of Madness. Douglas Davidson is the creator of the film review site, Elements of Madness. Learn how Douglas started writing film reviews and grew the website.

Listen and learn as Douglas shares:

  • The origin of Elements of Madness
  • How he organically grew film reviewing into a business
  • How he built the Elements of Madness brand
  • How joining an association opened up opportunity

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