Family affair ‘The Year of Spectacular Men’ is a strong prologue of potential.

Coming-of-age tales are typically restricted to the teen crowd. Stories of a lost innocence or new-found acceptance that empowers the central character in a way which emboldens them to tackle the world around them. Though it’s not atypical for stories to focus on stunted adults learning to self-actualize, what most films focus on is the comedy inherent in post-pubescent absurdity versus demonstrating real growth. This is but one of a few things that make The Year of Spectacular Men an engaging watch, even if not an overly impressive one. Written by central lead Madelyn Deutch (FX’s Outcast), co-starring/co-produced by her sister Zoey Deutch (Before I Fall), and directed by their mother Lea Thompson (Back to the Future) in her feature directorial debut, The Year of Spectacular Men tracks one year in the life of Izzy Klein (Madelyn) as she quests for answers to her frustrating life.

To learn more, head to FilmFed for the complete, spoiler-free review of The Year of Spectacular Men.

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