Director James Demo Shines a Light on an Unsung Hero in ‘The Peacemaker’.

Documentarian James Demo picked a heck of a subject for his first full-feature subject: Padraig O’Malley. O’Malley is a brilliant man who has written several books on his experiences working with various world leaders, who gathered together a group of Northern and Southern Irish leaders stuck in violent conflict on his own dime in 1975, who uses every waking moment on one sole mission: to end conflict wherever it resides. Telling this story required Demo to embed himself with O’Malley by traveling the globe to whichever country O’Malley was headed to in order to learn more about this man who receives no national or global recognition for his work. While an uplifting story to be sure, there’s also a great deal of pain; pain that O’Malley, and his closest confidantes, don’t shy away from discussing.

To learn more, head to FilmFed to read the full, spoiler-free review of The Peacemaker.


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