Listen: Poprika Podcast’s 2017 Year End Show

The end of the years means everyone is going to put out their Best of 2017 lists in music, television, film, books, games, etc. While EoM will be posting their non-traditional End of list soon, for now, here’s something a little special.

I had the most amazing opportunity to join the Poprika Podcast for their 2017 Year End show. It’s three segments totaling about two-hours, so I recommend checking this out when you’ve got time to spare. We discuss some of our favorite movies, television, and comic book moments of the year. (Warning: Use of adult language at times.) I’ve made it available via Soundcloud below, but you can access it via iTunes, Google Play, or wherever you listen your podcasts.

Big thanks to hosts Seed, Erik Elizondo, and Pres Rick for having me on. It was a blast!

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