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It’s with great pride that Elements of Madness has been able to publish content – reviews or recommendations – for the last twelve weeks. It’s been a personal mission for myself and my editor to release content each Friday in order to provide those interested our thoughts on potential future entertainment. Unfortunately, last Friday we missed our normal deadline and presently aren’t sure when we’ll be able to produce new material.


Last Monday at 3am, we woke to our 6-year old pup, Kaylee, thumping loudly in the dark. After much panicking and a visit to C-Vet, we found out she had a spontaneous spinal disc rupture that broke a blood vessel in the process causing full hind-leg paralysis. She had surgery to repair the damage and remove the fluid, rested a few days, and came home Friday night. There’s an 80-90% chance of full recovery, but until then, she lives in her small doggie bed downstairs in the entertainment room. It requires two people to take her to the bathroom and it must be done frequently. Combine this with an almost one-year old toddler, plus regular jobs and responsibilities, there is little time to get to the theater or quietly watch something on Netflix.

What Can You Expect?

Each day is progress for our Kaylee and each day things become a bit easier to manage. As we work out the routine and she, slowly, regains movement, it will become easier to produce content for the site. We have a calendar of films to review and the plan is to stick to it as closely as possible. Please bear with us as we adjust our schedule and get back up and running.

The one exciting bit of news is that I have been accepted into the NC Film Critics Association. I am hopeful that this new accreditation will grant me greater access to film screenings throughout Charlotte, which will result in more content for you.

Thank you for your patience and support. Stay tuned, EOM is going nowhere.

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