Ahnold’s “Last Stand” [review primer]

Releasing today is Arnold Schwarzenegger’s The Last Stand, his first real picture since leaving office. I choose not to include The Expendables 1 & 2 or The Rundown, as he didn’t play a huge role in any of them (though they were entertaining). The film pits Schwarzenegger’s Sheriff Owens against a drug cartel’s bid for freedom. Frankly, It doesn’t matter to me how old Ahnold gets, he’s going to be a badass.

From the trailer, the picture looks more like The Rundown than Cop Land in that the aging actor isn’t going for a serious role, but sticking to what he knows – quips and ass-kicking. The plan was to see it today, but some friends have decided to tag along so the review will be a few days delayed. Apologies. With more quality or (potentially) entertaining pictures releasing nearly every week through the summer, this should be the first of several upcoming reviews.

Jee-woon Kim

Arnold Schwarzenegger — Sheriff Ray Owens

Forest Whitaker — Agent John Bannister

Peter Stormare — Burrell

Luis Guizman — Mike Figuerola

Jamie Alexander — Sarah Torrance

Johnny Knoxville — Lewis Dinkum

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